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495. How to Be a Modern, Witchy Woman with Sierra Vandervort

Jan 7, 2022

Sierra Vandervort, The Local Mystic, is a traveling yoga teacher, mindset mentor, and the creator of The Mystic Moon School. We dig into what it means to be in touch with nature and the energies surrounding us these days. A little witch goes a long way!

In this episode, we explore why even lifelong skeptics should take note of what mystic teachings can show us, because everything is connected and the smallest things can make a huge difference in how we actually feel.

Sierra believes that life should be easy and enjoyable, and that the pivotal way to make that so, for you or for anyone else, is to explore how we interact with the cycles of energy that surround us. It’s time to get a little witchy and start spirit-seeking to uncover our own power potential. Doing so can help us express our highest selves to the world.



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