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483. EMFs: What They Are & How to Defend Against Them with Justin Frandson

Dec 10, 2021

Justin Frandson has been an entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry for several decades. He’s the founder of and several other fitness-based ventures. 

The term “EMF” kept popping up in his life as being a stressor on the human body, which drew him to transition a majority of his work to that field. He gives us the basics on EMFs, what they do to the body, what you can do to counteract their harmful effects, and how this work became such a passion for him.

Justin also sings the praises of the healing power of nature. We’ve all felt what a welcome cool breeze can do to our minds and bodies. It’s undeniable. The natural world has such a huge impact on our wellbeing, whether we can define it or not.






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