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42 | Why Plyo

Feb 4, 2019

In today’s solo episode we are going to discuss plyometrics. Maybe you’ve heard of it before, maybe you haven’t; it’s a type of exercise that I try to implement every single day in my classes. Plyometrics, also known as Plyo, is a little different from other forms of movement as they are quick exercises designed to increase speed and power.


What types of exercises are plyo?


I tend to think of the exercises that involve some kind of jumping, leaving the ground and coming back down. This type of exercise was actually originally called jump training!


Plyometrics involves different kinds of muscular contractions.

  1. Concentrate contractions
  2. Eccentric contractions

The goal with plyo is to decrease the amount of time in between these two movement contractions so that you become faster and stronger.


Why did I start incorporating plyometrics in my own movement practice?


Efficiency. Prior to adding plyo in, I was spending a lot of time rounding out my movement practice.


Why are plyometrics so great?

  • You’ll become more adaptable in your muscle, and in your neural-firing.
  • It increases the strength of your muscles as well as the strength of your bone matrix.
  • You’ll get a huge increase in cardiovascular demand.
  • It’s FUN!



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