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25 | Sustainability

Dec 26, 2018

Today is in uplifting, but serious topic about the concept of sustainability. This topic came up because my daughter was writing an essay and wasn’t sure which relevant topic in today’s news she should write about. I mentioned sustainability because of a study done recently about our efforts in sustainability being not that great. The study stated that we have about 15 years to really fix things before global warming gets past the point of no return. I thought it would be great to talk about this on today’s episode because I talk about sustainable movement on the mat, and living on and off the mat in a sustainable way.

What is sustainability?

The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

How do we stay present and also  think about the impact we have on the future?

Isn’t it interesting how we don’t really think of how our actions now are already affecting the future? This goes for everything from emotions and credit card debts, to environmental impact and beyond.

How can we be sustainable in yoga with our movement?

We need to think about our ranges of motion, because we don’t want to cause damage to our bodies by going outside of our range. When you keep pushing to your end range, you are dulling your receptors, and they eventually won’t be able to warn you when you’re close to being injured.

How do we pay attention to sustainability in our lives?

Think of this as a calling, not a burden. This could be an incredible time in history if we all decide to do better and be better with sustainability.

Here’s what I’m working on:

  • Rewiring some of my habits
  • Less plastics
  • Paying attention to labels
  • Using my voice and vote



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