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172 | 15 Minutes to Move

Dec 9, 2019

Today is Movement Monday, and I’m giving you a quick routine for when you only have 15 minutes. 


Tip one is to get it done in the morning unless you’re better with exercising at night. When you move early in the day, you’re more likely to move better and be more consistent with it. It also inspires you to move more. Newton’s law says that things at rest want to stay at rest and things in motion want to stay in motion. So moving for 15 minutes might turn into moving for 30-60 minutes or multiple 15-minute sessions.


I offer classes of varying length, and I’ve had a lot of people write me and say they love my 15-minute LYT™ classes because there’s some days they’re so busy and they can’t do a longer class. And many of them will say that they did the class in the morning then felt inspired to do it again in the afternoon.  


This routine will help you move your shoulders, weight-bear on your hands, activate the core, and give you a boost of energy. It’ll also improve your mood and overall health. Tune into the episode to get the full rundown. 



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