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165 | Movement for Wellbeing | with Stephanie Birch

Nov 22, 2019

Stephanie Birch is a wonderfully creative being. She is a yoga teacher, writer, photographer and the founder of Write Club, a monthly-ish gathering and weekly newsletter. What Stephanie loves so much about movement and writing is their ability to heal. She credits yoga with saving her life when she suffered from postpartum depression and finds the physical practices of movement and writing (by hand, not typing!) incredibly powerful. 

Stephanie has some excellent advice for yogis wanting to be teachers including:

  • Choose a teacher training where you feel a connection to the instructor and really know who they are
  • Put your own yoga practice first – if you’re teaching a lot of classes and you’re not practising much, then you need to flip that 
  • As a new teacher you don’t have to be super creative – teaching the foundations of yoga is an awesome way to start


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