28 | First Words After 2 Weeks In Noble Silence (Part I) | with Mark Heimann

Today I am joined by my husband, Mark, after his 2 weeks of total silence! If you haven’t listened to his original episode (episode 19!) on the podcast, be sure to, as Mark explains the reasoning behind taking this silent retreat. He has yet to speak, so today’s episode will be an exciting and emotional one as we hear all about his experience and what he learned while in silence!   In our conversation, Mark shares the first few days of his silence before he began his retreat, and how easy it was for him to slip into not speaking, but the trouble he had with meditation. Mark also shares why he think silence and taking time to be just with yourself is so important. We’ll also learn about what the retreat itself was like, from the lodging to the meals, and the way he managed silence around others for 10 days straight. Listen to part 2 of Mark breaking the silence to hear the rest of his amazing retreat!   Can you guess what happened? Email me your guess at and three people with the correct answer will get three months of LYT Daily Classes free!   Resources:
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