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A sophisticated method made simple, sustainable and efficient

LYT® (Lara's Yoga Training) is the only style of yoga grounded in the modern teachings of physical therapy and neurodevelopmental treatment. It is a sophisticated method made simple to teach and practice. The purpose is to take our modern-day bodies through a targeted and intense movement experience that will systematically override our patterns of compensation and poor habits. The LYT Yoga® Method is sustainable, freeing, and efficient. LYT® classes emphasize intelligent sequencing, smart cueing, alignment, and functional movement.

proven methodology based on 3 principles

A multifaceted approach to teaching yoga

Phase I: LYT® Reset

Resetting your body

Just as every day is a new start, every time we step onto our mats, we need to reset our bodies and deliberately prepare to move in the safest and most effective ways. All LYT Yoga® Method classes begin with the LYT Reset. We come back to our best movement patterns and organize our bodies with a developmental sequence before ramping up. This is also where we introduce the principle movement patterns that are going to be central to the class.


Renewing Yourself

Now we are organized, fired up, and ready to move and renew ourselves. Our first sequence is focused on stability and is followed by Sun Salutation A to build energy. We refine this process through repetition before moving on to our second sequence, which builds on the first.


Redefining Patterns

We keep building the energy with Sun Salutation B, then add a third creative sequence that adds to the previously established movement patterns. Finally, we stream the 3 sequences together in one fluid movement to build the neural pathways and muscle memory to redefine our lives.

We are educating people on how to feel better in life

Join the LYT Yoga® family and learn the only yoga method created by a certified physical therapist. Whether you plan to teach or just want to deepen your practice, this training will change your life.