Online LYT™ Level 1 Teacher Training


LYT Yoga

Learn To Teach LYT™ Yoga

Learn to teach the 10 Core LYT™ classes created by physical therapist Lara Heimann with intelligent sequencing and precise cueing. Gain a deep understanding of the purpose behind every movement so you can teach with confidence. The core curriculum covers the 10 Core LYT™ classes and breaks down the anatomy, safe cueing, and philosophy you need to start teaching and making a positive impact on people's lives right away.


About LYT™ Yoga

Founded by international yoga pioneer and Physical therapist Lara Heimann, LYT™ (Lara’s Yoga Technique) is a sophisticated method of practice that is based on the three principles of Physiology, Kinesiology and Neurology. With a core understanding of movement from a cellular level while highlighting the mechanics of how movement happens, LYT™ is an intense movement experience that systematically overrides the patterns of compensation and poor habits through an exploration of brain mapping and purposeful movement. Simple to both teach and practice, LYT™ classes emphasize intelligent sequencing, smart cueing and alignment and can be experienced through a daily subscription based stream.

Deep Dive Into Weekly Anatomy Lectures

Learn directly from Lara Heimann, a physical therapist, about how the body is built to move and how to make the biggest impact on your students' lives!

Learn To Teach The 10 Core LYT™ Yoga Classes

10 weeks, 10 flows! Learn the ins and outs of LYT™ Yoga's Core 10 classes. You will be ready to teach them and you can start making an impact on your students' lives right away!

Weekly Live Q&A Support From Lara Heimann, PT

During the dates of the course, you will have the opportunity to join weekly live Q&A calls with Lara. Plus, you get access to a private Facebook group where you can get all of your
questions answered!

Weekly Breakdown

Each week, you’ll receive a new LYT Yoga Class to practice and by the end of the week, teach it. The weekly lectures cover philosophy, teacher methodology, functional anatomy, cueing, and the reason for every movement. Each week, Lara hosts virtual sessions to answer all of your questions and more.

Each Week Includes

  • 1 New LYT Yoga Class taught by Lara
  • Yogic Philosophy Lecture
  • Teacher Methodology Lecture
  • Yoga Class Breakdown
  • Anatomy Lectures
  • Live Q&A
  • Virtual Support Through Private Facebook Group
  • Quizzes to keep you on track

What's Included

  • LYT™ Level 1 Certification
  • 10 Core LYT™ yoga classes created by Lara
  • In-depth anatomy, yoga philosophy, and LYT™ lectures
  • Interactive Q & A's and demonstrations with Lara
  • Access to Lara’s private Facebook community to ask questions and discuss the course
  • A printed or downloadable training manual
  • The LYT™ Core Classes Teacher Handbook featuring the 10 Core Classes with every movement and cue mapped out
  • Lifetime access to the online version of the course materials
  • Certificate of graduation on completion of the coursework and evaluations
  • Upon graduation, a profile to the Certified Teacher directory
  • Potential to add your studio to the Studio directory


What is the weekly time commitment?

There is between 15-20 hours of video content each week, plus 5 hours of livestreaming with Lara. There is also a 60 min yoga class each week that we recommend practicing multiple times. You can spread out the content throughout the week or just do it on the weekends. You also have 2 weeks to catch up in the middle of the program and 1 month after the course ends to complete all materials.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. There is a 6 month payment plan and all payments must be made in order to receive certification.

Is this a good course for a first-time teacher training?

In-person is always superior to online. If you know this is the style you want to teach and can’t do an in-person then this is a great first training.

Who is this course a good fit for?

  • If you want to teach yoga
  • If you want to advance your own yoga practice and knowledge
  • If you want to learn functional anatomy
  • If you want to learn more about LYT Yoga
  • If you are already 200 or 500 hr certified

When does the course run? How long do I have to finish it?

Over 10 weeks, we will cover an immense amount of material. That's why we will have a 2 week break in the middle of the course - to allow you to practice deeper or catch up on any material. You will have 1 month after the course's completion to finish any remaining material for certification.

The last guided course runs during the following dates:

  • Week 1 - June 21st
  • Week 2 - June 28th
  • Week 3 - July 5th
  • Week 4 - July 12th
  • Week 5 - July 19th
  • + 2-WEEK BREAK +
  • Week 6 - August 9th
  • Week 7 - August 16th
  • Week 8 - August 23rd
  • Week 9 - August 30th
  • Week 10 - September 6th

Do I have lifetime access to the material?

Yes. You will have ongoing access to the course material upon completion so you can revisit the training anytime.

Do I have to work with anyone else during this course?

Yes. You will be partnered up with a small group so you can message each other for support while going through the materials. The whole training cohort will be in a private Facebook group where you can ask your specific questions to Lara and her senior teachers.

How will I be evaluated?

In order to receive a certification and be listed on the LYT™ Yoga teacher directory, you must complete the following:

  • 10 weekly assessments
  • Submit a final list of at least 10 questions you personally have asked Lara during the course (either through Facebook or the livestream)
  • Group evaluation of level of participation, understanding of materials, and teaching capabilities
    • You evaluate the people in your group
    • They evaluate you
  • Submit a final teaching assignment
    • You will teach at least one class to the other 1-2 people in your small group via livestream or video. For your final teaching assignment:
      • You will evaluate their teaching
      • You will evaluate your own teaching
      • Lara will evaluate everyone's teaching (you will upload the video as a private YouTube and share the link)

Can I audit the course?

Yes. If you are just taking the course to deepen your own practice and are not interested in working in a group or receiving a certification, please let our team know after you sign up.

If I start and can’t complete it can I join the next group?