LYT Level 1: The Core Curriculum

Learn to teach the core LYT classes online or in-person

What you’ll learn

Learn to teach the 10 Core LYT classes created by Lara with intelligent sequencing and precise cuing. Gain a deep understanding of the purpose behind every movement so you can teach with confidence. There are 2 options for Level 1: an in-person immersive training or online training. The in-person training is 23 days and the online training happens over 10 weeks, guided by Lara. The core curriculum covers the 10 Core LYT classes and breaks down the anatomy, safe cuing, and philosophy you need to start teaching and making a positive impact on people's lives right away.

What You Get

  • 10 Core LYT yoga classes created by Lara
  • In-depth anatomy, yoga philosophy, and LYT lectures
  • Interactive Q & A's and demonstrations with Lara
  • Access to Lara’s private Facebook community to ask questions and discuss the course
  • A printed or downloadable training manual
  • The LYT Core Classes Teacher Handbook featuring the 10 Core Classes with every movement and cue mapped out
  • Lifetime access to the online version of the course materials
  • Certificate of graduation on completion of the coursework and evaluations
  • Upon graduation, a profile to the Certified Teacher directory
  • Potential to add your studio to the Studio directory



Summer 2020: A Guided 10-week course

Each week, you’ll receive a new LYT™ Yoga Class to practice and by the end of the week, teach it. Three lectures each week will cover the functional anatomy, cuing, and the reason for every movement. Each week, Lara hosts virtual sessions to answer all of your questions and more.
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