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8 | What The Health | with Eunice Wong

Nov 14, 2018

Today I am joined by my dear friend, Eunice Wong, who is also a yoga teacher at my studio. Eunice is just brilliant, and today we discuss her path into veganism and yoga, among other great topics.

Eunice is also the author of What The Health, a book that deep dives into what we eat in our modern day lifestyle, and a compliment to the documentary. She is also known for her acting, was trained at Juilliard, and has appeared in various films and on multiple stages. I personally can’t wait for you to hear this great conversation that Eunice and I have. She truly is an incredible woman!

How did Eunice discover yoga and how has it impacted her?

“I had been interested in movement for a very long time.”

Eunice had a difficult time getting out of her own head, but once she discovered that movement was her way of doing so, she couldn’t stop. Ashtanga was the first class that Eunice took, and is what she continued to do for almost 15 years prior to being introduced to any other style. Eunice believes that yoga has allowed her to remember different life experiences that she may have forgotten, or that her body has since stored away. On top of that, she appreciates that a yoga practice has helped remind her of the importance of the breath.

How did yoga help you deepen your connection to your inner self?

Nonviolence is the number one foundational bedrock of a true yoga practice, and Eunice learned this through taking teacher training with me. Eunice says, “You invited us to look deeper,” in food, society, what we put in to our lives. Eunice believes that this depth of a basic yogic principle truly changed the way she looked at all things, but mainly her love of all things environmental. Once this opened up in her inner self, Eunice hit the ground running with writing books and doing research on all that intrigued her, from agriculture to global warming.

What do you say to people who bring up “humanely raised” animals?

There’s no regulation on the labels like “free range” or “all natural” and Eunice can’t stress the importance of this enough. She says, “The labels are there to make consumers feel better about buying that product.” Eunice goes on to describe that “grass fed” meat is actually worse for the environment than you know. She shares a book she read, Never Let Me Go, that she believes is a fabulous analogy to raising animals today. There are so many marketing projects supported by the government to push the sales of animal consumption, creating this symbiotic relationship, which in turn protects the companies and industries.

What does true health look like to you?

“I think true health is being your most vibrant and your strongest self without any obstructions or limitations.”


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