Friday with Friends

15 | How to Practice Gratitude

Nov 30, 2018

Today’s episode is all about gratitude! This time of year can be challenging with the holidays and travel, making this idea of gratitude can be hard to grasp. I’m here to talk about how it really is important to each one of us to practice gratitude.

Grateful Acronym:

  • G: Great; What are great at?
  • R: Ready; What are you ready for?
  • A: Abundance; What aspects of your life are abundant?
  • T: Time; What are you doing to carve out time for yourself?
  • E: Extra; Are you finding what your extra quality is?
  • F: Food; Can we start looking at food as a friend and fuel?
  • U: Underline; What are you underlining in your life and statements of gratitude?
  • L: Life; Can you be grateful for each day you are alive?


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