Dr. Gregory Lutz - My Non-Surgical Approach to Healing Back Pain

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644. Non-Surgical Approach to Healing Back Pain with Dr. Greg Lutz

Mar 31, 2023

Non-Surgical Approach to Healing Back Pain with Dr. Greg Lutz

Join Lara for a conversation with Dr. Greg Lutz about how regenerative orthopedic medicine can be used to effectively treat degenerative disc disease.


Dr. Greg Lutz is the founder of the Regenerative SportsCare Institute, Physiatrist-in-Chief Emeritus at Hospital for Special Surgery, and a professor of clinical rehabilitation medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. 


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Dr. Lutz’s newly released book Heal Your Disc, End Your Pain: How Regenerative Medicine Can Save Your Spine.
  • the difference between surgical and regenerative orthopedic medicine.
  • what PRP is and how it could help heal your spine. 
  • the difference between a slipped and herniated disc.
  • tips to help keep your spine healthy.


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