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Wednesday Q&A

648. Wednesday Q&A: Moving Better With Age, Yoga for Disc Herniation, & the Best Time to Workout

Apr 12, 2023




In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about moving better as we age, LYT yoga for cervical disc herniation, and the best time of day to workout. 


  • From the Wednesday Q&A podcast regarding cervical disc herniation, if a client has a slipped disk at the cervical spine and was advised by her chiro to do soft yoga or gentle, needing to avoid down dog, is it okay if she continues our LYT yoga practice? At some point, I kind of know the answer, because that’s what we highlight in a lot of classes, that neutral spine position and definitely working with the cervical neck flexors to strengthen. But I would like to hear more insights from you both. 
  • Many people believe that aging comes with a decline in physical ability, but research and experience show that this does not have to be the case. Do you think that we can get better as we age? Learn our thoughts.
  • Is it better to workout in the morning or later in the day?


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