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75 | Anatomy of Breath to Breathe Better

Apr 24, 2019

Today’s podcast episode is all about moving better through your breath! Breathing is essential for our life, and breathing is going to happen regardless of if we pay attention to it or not, so why not make shifts to breathe better? In the episode today, I’m sharing simple anatomy so that you understand how breathing takes place, and also ways that you can breathe better in and out of your movement practice.


While sitting, if you line up your shoulder complex over your pelvis, you can picture the contents in between that work with your breathing patterns. The diaphragm is extremely important because its found attached to many different parts of the body, and acts as both the floor and the ceiling of our main organs.


When we inhale, the breath goes up into the thoracic cavity, the diaphragm is pulled down into the pelvis; this is the expansiveness of breath. When we exhale, the diaphragm then returns. In restricting the natural movement of the diaphragm, we are actually weakening it.


How do we breathe better?


Stand and sit up tall– use your hands to help track your breath.


Why is it important to breathe well?


  1. It’s improving your posture
  2. It’s strengthening your posture
  3. It’s helping your nervous system– your stress levels



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