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74 | Tips for the Foot & Knee, helping with Plantar Fasciitis | with John Frank

Apr 22, 2019

I’m so excited for today’s episode because my brother, John Frank, is back on the podcast! John and I are sharing tips for the foot and knees, as well as ways to help with plantar fasciitis. The foot is always a much asked about topic within the community, and John has so much knowledge– this episode is sure to help you in your better movement patterns!


What is plantar fasciitis and what causes it?


It’s near the connective tissue of the heel or the inner arch, where there is localized pain, especially when you step on it. Shoes that have an elevated heal can really shorten the area, which can cause the plantar fasciitis. It’s also important to remember that the plantar fascia is not the area that causes heel spurs. Besides wearing better shoes for your feet, keeping your toes aligned is also very important, as well as massaging and stretching out your calves.


What is a heel spur?


When there is too much tension in an area, the stem cells come in to create more bone or collagen in an area in an attempt to stop you from doing what you’re doing.


Can people with meniscal tears practice yoga and strengthening techniques?


Yes! Be sure to control the twisting of the knee, which is where those tears can occur. These meniscal problems arise when people cannot control the hip, knee, and ankle. A traditional vinyasa may not be the best route because there is a lot of stressed placed on the knee. Trying different yoga poses until you find an alternative way to complete the pose without pain is a great exercise to try.



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