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681. Wednesday Q&A: Wrist, Lower Thoracic, & Thumb Pain, & Yoga in the Sand

Jul 26, 2023


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about wrist pain, yoga in the sand, lower thoracic pain, and thumb pain.


Your questions:

  • My active cyclist, sixty-year-old student has been practicing LYT with me for more than a year. We celebrated the relief from chronic neck discomfort last winter. Remarkable improvement in his left hip mobility, where it was always painful for him. But the one thing that is not improving at all is his left wrist. He even feels discomfort when he is cycling. He can’t weight bear on it. I believe it is coming from his left shoulder, the more immobile side for him. Can you please advise what I can do further to help him?
  • What are your thoughts on practicing yoga in the sand? Is the ground, as in grass-covered soil, the best surface for yoga or are different surfaces good for different goals?
  • I have a desk job, I’m becoming very creative in moving and supporting myself when at work. If you could, I want to hear more of why the spasm and pain are only showing at areas T8 through 12. 
  • What would you advise best for discomfort from the thumb from typing or holding the mouth? Do we focus more on mobility and stretching or do we want to strengthen it?


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