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673. Prison Yoga Project: The Transformative Justice of Yoga in Prison with Nicole Hellthaler

Jun 30, 2023


Join Lara for an enlightening conversation with Nicole Hellthaler, MPS, RYT 200, Assistant Director of Prison Yoga Project. In addition to holding a Master’s in Public Service from the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, Nicole has been making a meaningful impact by facilitating yoga and mindfulness in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth detention centers in Little Rock, Arkansas for years. She has a passion for social justice, prison reform, and yoga, rooted in her desire for restorative and transformative justice as an alternative to punitive punishment and its harmful effects. 


“Prison Yoga Project envisions a cultural shift toward healing-centered approaches for addressing crime, substance use, and mental health disorders. Our mission is to provide programs for rehabilitation and resilience rooted in yoga and embodied mindfulness.”


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • how the Prison Yoga Project provides yoga in prisons and jails.
  • how this differs from yoga that is offered in a studio setting.
  • how this effort is making yoga accessible to everybody.
  • how yoga is a healing practice.


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