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665. Monthly Motivation: The Anti-Summer Body

Jun 5, 2023


This month, on the cusp of summer, hear Lara’s thoughts on the Anti-Summer Body: Move Better to Feel Better, Not Just Look Better. We hear lots of messaging in society using the summer body as a motivational tool. But is this actually helpful or harmful? How can we think about our bodies in a healthier and more productive way? 


Lara discusses her thoughts on having a capable body. “What we need to do is start a trend that makes us want to be functional in our bodies, capable in our bodies, not have our bodies serve as just some structure to put our bathing suit on.” Creating a capable body encourages a year-round lifestyle perspective, rather than a short-term seasonal focus. 


Hear Lara talk through the elements of a capable body:

  • muscular strength
  • cardiovascular capacity/endurance
  • flexibility
  • mobility
  • balance
  • agility
  • coordination
  • power


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