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Friday with Friends

664. Unlocking the Path to Authenticity with Kim Tang

Jun 2, 2023


Join Lara for a conversation with Kim Tang, the current Head Coach of the International Yoga Sports Federation. Kim is also a Senior International Yoga Instructor, Breath Work Facilitator for Trauma Release and Kundalini Activation, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Of Source Spiritual Study Group Leader, Reiki Master, QHHT Practitioner, Public Speaker and Workshop Leader on the Subjects of Consciousness, Mindfulness, Body, Breath, Yoga, and Spirit. To say that Kim has a lot to share is an understatement. Kim brings the Realization of True Union in Service to Humanity and is excited to be with us today.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  1. The power of letting go of fear and embracing honesty as a path to intimacy and connection.
  2. The value of expressing oneself authentically and being loved for it, fostering true union with others.
  3. The understanding that physical expression is a natural response to the connection on other levels (mind, spirit, feelings).
  4. The importance of being present, accountable, and receiving in the present moment, rather than being influenced by history or future projections.


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