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660. Headache Answers with Dr. Jono Taves

May 19, 2023


Join Lara for a conversation about headaches with Dr. Jono Taves PT, DPT, fellow physical therapist, owner/founder of the Novera Headache Center, and host of The Headache Doctor podcast. Dr. Taves received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Mayo Clinic. He specializes in a type of hands-on physical therapy that is focused on treating the neck and jaw, which he uses to help people struggling with chronic head pain, including headaches of all kinds. 


In this episode, you’ll learn about

  1. how Dr. Taves uses manual therapy techniques to help people with headaches, including migraines.
  2. how postural imbalances can lead to headaches and how sedentary lifestyles and tension buildup in the neck can affect blood flow to the brain stem.
  3. how neck tension or irritation is often the cause of headaches and how movement can help.
  4. why it’s better to approach neck issues, often the cause of headaches, by starting with the shoulders.


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