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66 | Beginner’s Mind

Apr 3, 2019

Today’s podcast is all about embracing the beginner’s mind without always labeling ourselves as beginners. In Zen Buddhism, the beginner’s mind is thought of as something we should aspire and practice to have. It’s time we stop looking at being a beginner as something we are ashamed of, and see it more as an opportunity!


What does it mean to have a beginner’s mind?


A beginner is someone learning something from fresh eyes. It’s powerful to live a life with a curious mind! The school system can unfortunately rid us of this mindset from a young age.


When you have a more closed mind, the fear stops you from assuming you don’t know something, whereas the beginner’s mind sees the unknown as an opportunity to learn.


Are you labeling yourself as a beginner in a positive sense of the word, or in a negative sense?


Look in your life and see where you can be a beginner. Having this mindset can help you grow! Pick anything; cooking, singing, movement, where you feel challenged but reframe your mindset to viewing this as an opportunity to be a kid again.



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