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631. Pelvic Health with Physical Therapists Dr. Ashley Newton and Becky Keller

Feb 24, 2023


Join Lara for a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation with physical therapists Dr. Ashley Newton and Becky Keller, both pelvic health specialists. This is a must-listen episode!


Ashley is a LYT yoga instructor and pelvic health physical therapist. She got into this specialty because she found that her patients had pain, sexual health, and urinary health issues that she was unable to help with. She saw it as a way to provide people with the power to care for themselves and to help people talk about taboo topics without shame or judgment. 


Becky is a physical therapist with over 20 years experience and has specialized in pelvic health physical therapy since 2009. She got into this field because of her interest in the human body and wanting to understand the missing piece of the puzzle regarding the core, sacroiliac area, and pelvic floor. She saw a need for these services as millions of people experience pelvic health concerns, including urinary incontinence and constipation, across all genders and ages. She is grateful for the knowledge she has gained and how she can impact someone’s intimate and human body function level. One of her passions is utilizing Low Pressure Fitness (LPF)  hypopressives movement system for her pelvic health clients as well as for clients to improve their fitness and wellness. 


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • pelvic anatomy and the sexual response cycle.
  • how tension in the body can affect sexual function and tips for reducing tension.
  • how sex should not cause pain, and discomfort during sex is not normal. 
  • what can cause deficits in sexual function.
  • the difference between gripping and activation, specifically in regards to breathing, the pelvic floor, and the abdominal muscles.
  • the LYT Reset – the initial portion of any LYT yoga class, focused on neutralizing imbalances in the body, improving posture, and rewiring habits through improved neuromuscular activation.
  • Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) – a series of breathing and postural exercises that safely strengthen your deepest core muscles.


To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: lytyoga.com/blog/category/podcasts/

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