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Wednesday Q&A

623. Wednesday Q&A: Slac Wrist, Finger Numbness, & Fractured Tailbone

Jan 25, 2023


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about slac wrist, finger numbness, and advice about a fractured tailbone. 


Your questions:

  • A friend of mine recently got diagnosed with slac (scapholunate advanced collapse) wrist. She is devastated as the doctor basically told her there is no fix, the pain will get worse over time, and she will need surgery at some point, which will severely limit the range of motion of her wrist. Is there anything, from your experience that can help, or are prospects really that bleak with this diagnosis? 
  • I have a problem which started a year ago… For about two weeks, I had strong pain in the upper arm, could not elevate my hand fully because of the pain, and had pins and needles, slight numbness in the thumb and index finger. Over time, the pain almost disappeared, took about 6 to 8 months. But the feeling in the thumb and index is limited. I had an MRI. Carpal tunnel syndrome was ruled out. I was told I have a bulging disc in the cervical spine which pushes on the median nerve. I was sent to an osteopath and after five sessions, no improvement. Out of desperation. I also had acupuncture sessions with no improvement. I was sent to physio. I was told to strengthen the muscles around the scapula, working on it for a few months, and also now discovered LYT. But the numbness in the thumb and index finger remains. Any ideas what might help? 
  • I have a question regarding my fractured tailbone recovery. I fell backwards when playing roller skating with my children yesterday. Oof! It was a big impact on my tailbone right away. It was awful. The next day I went for an X-ray and X-rays showed a coccyx fracture but not fully. According to the doctor, it will heal by itself in six weeks and I will need to do another X-ray after six weeks. In the meantime, I am asked to sit on a round cushion and avoid putting impact on the tailbone. I’m a full-time yoga teacher. I can’t stop teaching for that long. Any advice for me in terms of any movement to prevent further injury or possibly the whole bone tearing apart or any movement which is good for recovery? I appreciate your advice and feedback.


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