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Wednesday Q&A

621. Wednesday Q&A: Hypermobility, Cervical Stenosis, Tingling Big Toe, & Raynaud’s

Jan 18, 2023


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about how to address hypermobility if you’re a teacher, poses to avoid when you have cervical stenosis, what to do about tingling in the big toe area, and what to do for Raynaud’s Syndrome. 


Your questions:

  • I am a yoga instructor and competitive dance teacher. I love to incorporate yoga into classes. The kids also love it. I have a dancer who also trains in a pre-professional ballet program. She’s 13 and very hypermobile. She has started to develop this issue where her knees pop out. She’s popped her right knee out twice. And now recently her left one. Her PT thinks she has Ehlers-Danlos and she’ll just grow out of it. So her and her parents are just kind of treating it pretty normal and repeating the cycle when it happens (cries, pops knee in, modifies jumps but keeps dancing, starts PT again for a couple of weeks, resumes dancing 5 to 6 days a week). Do you have recommendations on certain things I could offer in our yoga part of class to help maybe strengthen her muscles? Or is it something I can’t really help with in class? To be honest, I’m just worried about it popping out in my class during our competitive routine.
  • I have cervical stenosis and, thanks to you, I don’t do headstands anymore. Are there any other poses to avoid?
  • I’m having tingling occasionally under my big toe and big metatarsal area. Sometimes it radiates towards my second and third toe, right foot only. I notice it after work when I am barefoot, standing, walking at home, not when seated, for example, watching TV or reading. Not every day, but on and off for a few months now. I have also had some pain in the outer side of my right hip at the greater trochanter. This is present seated as well as standing. I’ve been practicing LYT, as you know, for many years and I’m pretty aware of my body. The right hip pain has been an issue for me prior to LYT and shows up perhaps once a year. This is the first time that the tingling has been present. I am wondering if this is how something like Morton’s Neuroma starts showing up. I am also being very mindful and practicing and focusing greatly on keeping my space in my hips in all poses. I also have osteopenia and osteoporosis. Any suggestions to help this? She is on her feet all day, no desk job, and sits for a max half hour for lunch. Plus, she also wears a wide-toe shoe box. 
  • Can you talk a bit about Raynaud’s and things you do to help manage it, also suggestions for others? I’m working with some patients and I’m recently diagnosed myself. 


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