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620. Reconstructing the Pelvic Floor with Physical Therapist, Sarah Duvall

Jan 13, 2023

“When we go so black and white in overall treatment – this is helpful, this is not helpful – It completely misses the mark for someone.”


Physical Therapist, Sarah Duvall believes that your advice to improve people’s physical health can’t be a blanket treatment for everyone – looking at the whole kinetic chain of that person is the best way to treat for success.


She talks about this and more with host Lara Heimann on this episode of Redefining Yoga. Sarah is a PT, a mother, an adventure sports athlete, and founder of Core Exercise Solutions, a center for continuing education online programs for other PTs, instructors, and trainers. Listen in to hear more about diastasis recti misconceptions, individual treatment she’s offered for men and women based on their specific body functions, and even how she went rogue at the beginning of her career to set up out-of-pocket practices.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  1. What are some common misconceptions about pelvic health?
  2. How can specialized physical therapy help athletes and yogis manage pressure during transitions?
  3. How can pelvic floor placement affect other parts of the body and how to adjust?





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