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62 | Getting Out Of A Slump

Mar 25, 2019

For today’s episode, I wanted to address how to get out of a slump. Being in a slump can be a physical thing, an emotional thing, professional, or even a creative thing! A slump is a feeling of being stuck, sort of like a blockage that you feel you can’t move past. We all can get stuck in the slump, and today, I’m going to share with you why I believe it’s important to do so.


By definition, a slump is the removal of the slope’s physical support, which provokes a mass-wasting event. This is so similar to the body! When we remove our support structure, we feel slumpy.


What are the ways to get out of a slump?


It’s similar to getting out of any space where you aren’t feeling as enthusiastic as you once were.


  • Identify your mindset
  • Identify who can help you if you need it
  • Think of the factors that may have led you to the slump
  • How is your posture?
  • Identify your motivators


Stress is a big factor for a lot of slump’s to begin. When stress builds up, it’s important to find ways to destress yourself.


Opening up your body, and paying attention to your breathing can help you feel better, which can then in turn get you out of your slump.



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