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Wednesday Q&A

617. Wednesday Q&A: Handstand Drills, Myofascial Release, Favorite Things About Being a Physical Therapist, & Growing LYT Yoga

Jan 4, 2023


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about handstand drills to get away from the wall, myofascial release, our favorite things about being physical therapists, and how LYT Yoga has grown over the years. 


Your questions:

  • My question today is about handstand drills. I have a client similar age to me, in her fifties, very strong and fit as a fiddle, solo mother of four, and full-time nurse. She keeps herself strong with my LYT yoga classes at the gym, and weight training, and has PT once a month. She is in the gym five days a week doing something, averages about two LYT classes a week with me. She would like to progress more with her handstand journey. So I have just started doing some more short privates like 30 minutes after class. I have some drills on the wall that we are working on as she is not confident enough to come away from the wall. She gets up just fine, but I noticed she has the small beginnings of a dowagers hump, so an outward curve of the thoracic spine, more pronounced when weight bearing in the hands than just standing. Would appreciate some exercises to help with this and enable her to feel more confident so we can get off the wall. As always, so appreciate your advice.
  • What do you think about myofascial release? Do you ever incorporate it into your own personal practice with balls or foam rollers, or ever recommend it to your students? Why or why not?
  • What are your favorite things about being a physical therapist?
  • How did you grow LYT Yoga so fast?


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