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61 | A Useful Instrument

Mar 22, 2019

Today’s podcast is all about one of my favorite quotes! I even centered an entire yoga class around it, because our body’s are useful instruments, and we need to remember that. Are we neglecting our body, or are we making it a useful instrument? Today, that is just what we are going to talk about.


Our body is our transporter for our spirit and soul, and how we feel in our body in connected to how we feel in our mind. Our body is not here only for aesthetics, they are here to carry us with integrity and curiourisity, and as calibrators of energy.


How are our bodies comparable to instruments?


Our body is like a tuning fork for our inner vibration.

By playing our body well, we receive great feedback.

Musical instruments vibrate, we too are instruments of vibration. When we feel low and dull, that is a lack of high vibration; when we feel bright is when our vibration is high.


Questions to ask yourself:


How are you eating? Drinking? Are you sleeping enough? Are you moving with joy?



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