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60 | The Power Of The Pause

Mar 20, 2019

Today we are talking about the incredible power that pausing has on our mind, body, and movement practice. The pause is important because it gives us the chance for so many things, especially in our very hurried lives. Today we are talking about the benefits of pausing, and what ways we can all add more pause to our lives.


What is a pause?


Pausing is to stop something temporarily, and can be used in many situations; talking, moving, etc.


What are the benefits of pausing?


Pausing helps you feel better in your body, because we don’t even realize how we are holding our emotions, and how they are affecting our bodies. Pausing allows us this sense of realizing what our body needs. Family and friends will benefit as well, because it helps our response and reaction to different scenarios, rather than being quick to respond a way that we shouldn’t have. Pausing also helps us better connect to ourselves, and listen to what we truly need, want, and desire. A pause can help you take a different, more compassionate route than you may normally have gone.



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