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599. Wednesday Q&A: Yoga Butt, Arthritis of the Big Toe, & Bunionectomies

Nov 9, 2022


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about yoga butt, arthritis of the big toe, and bunionectomies. 


Your questions:

  • I have a history of yoga butt syndrome, spinal stenosis on the right side, and spondylolisthesis of which the LYT method has pretty much cured me of now for over a year. After practicing your Touching Your Toes is Overrated class. My right hamstring has been killing ever since. It doesn’t feel the same nerve irritation pain I used to get. I’ve still been able to practice handstands and other forms of exercise, but it is just nagging. Does this mean it is weak and I need to do the class more? Or was I likely doing something wrong in the class to irritate it? Should I be doing something other than my typical practice to get it to settle down? 
  • On the first day of yoga teacher training with you in 2015, when we all share with you any physical symptoms that you as our teacher should be aware of, I mentioned slight pain in my left big toe as a result of a chiropractor pulling it out of alignment. It’s seven years later and I have arthritis now in the toe or metatarsal. I’ve never had it looked at, but now it causes me pain every day. I think I’m altering the way I walk, walking more on the outside of the foot. And as a result, I’m experiencing pain in the arch. Will forcing it through movement help or hurt in the long run? For instance, knee taps from high crescent lunge when the left foot is back and I point my toes and come up and down off the top of my foot. Would it be better to do it with the toes curled under to exercise through the full range of motion, even though it’s painful? Sometimes I even keep the top of the foot down a second time through sun salutation 1 because of the pain. I just read on Mayo Clinic about arthritis in general. It said to avoid jumping. Right now, jumping doesn’t seem to hurt my toe. Arthritis is lifelong pain, right? Or might it improve? Please advise.
  • Could you speak a bit more extensively about plates in the toes and removed bunions, or what we call bunionectomies, and how it affects movement?


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