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59 | Q&A with Lara

Mar 18, 2019

I get a lot of questions from listeners, yoga teachers, and followers I have on social media quite often, so I wanted to take today to answer a few of them. My hope is that in answering these on my podcast, this helps someone else as well!


I got quite a few questions regarding carpal tunnel, and I’d like to address the bulk of those here.


Carpal tunnel is right along the wrist joint, where all the tendons from the muscle in the forearm come in to the hand. There are also nerves that run through this tunnel area. Doing the same movement over and over can overstress the tendons, so that they can’t do the work, causing compressed inflammation. In order to try and prevent this, we need to balance out the movements that we’re doing. Frequently stretch your wrist in the opposite direction. Weight bearing will also be helpful with the inflammation.


What is the best way to access/strengthen the core?


The core is everything that is supporting your exoskeleton, so there are many ways to strengthen this area. My recommendation is to go and take my yoga classes on my daily LYT platform because they are focused on integrating the core.


How do you feel about demoing while teaching?


For my online videos I find that it is really helpful to have me doing my class as I explain the movement because it gives a better visual. I do find that this is better for my teaching in person as well. Outside of my level 3 Groove class though, I only demo when it is absolutely necessary. I like to see how my verbal cues and instruction land with my students.


Any tips on communicating with physical therapists and other body workers to get the most out of a session?


Choose wisely who you are going to be spending your time with and your money on. Be very communicative on what you know about your body; your sensitivities, what you like or what you don’t, etc. Be open and straightforward on the goals that you have while seeing the professional.



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