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588. Wednesday Q&A: COVID Shot-Related Shoulder Pain, How the LYT Team Met, & Fixing a Laterally Tilted Pelvis

Oct 5, 2022


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about shoulder impingement from COVID shots, how the LYT team met, finding a neutral pelvis when it’s laterally tilted. 


Your questions:

  • I had four COVID shots and a flu shot in the same arm over the span of a year plus. Removal of lymph nodes requires shots in only one arm. The second COVID booster shot in March left my arm with a slight impingement. I’ve had a hard time raising my arm from the front, not the side, without a painful ache. I tried percussion massage, massage, and strength training. Nothing seems to help. Does anyone else have this issue with vaccinations? Any thoughts on a remedy or just wait it out some more? Thank you in advance. 
  • How did Lara, Kristin, & Rhonna meet?
  • My pelvis is tilted laterally and puts a lot of strain on that sit bone, hip, and hamstring. I’m constantly struggling to keep my pelvis neutral during pyramid, standing split, and runner’s stretch. Any cues to LYT up that area, to hug it into neutral? 


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