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585. Wednesday Q&A: Shoulder Discoordination, When to Stop Doing Something That Causes You Pain, & Work/Exercise Balance

Sep 28, 2022


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about shoulder discoordination when lifting the arms, whether pain indicates that you should stop doing something, and work/exercise balance in life. 


Your questions:

  • For about 1.5 weeks, I can’t lift my arms up sideways. It gets stuck pretty soon, even before reaching shoulder height. I then can only lift them in a forward angle or when grabbing one shoulder with my hand and guiding the arm. It seems my shoulders, especially my left one, move forward in space and something on both shoulders blocks and a muscle connecting my neck to the shoulder area pops up. This muscle is super tight since having this trouble. It also leads to headaches on the very tight side. The shoulders themselves do not hurt, but my range of motion is limited and sometimes the front of my upper arm tightens up when trying to lift them. This problem occurred soon after I was doing a funky dolphin on both sides very eagerly and was swimming in very lively waters. My regular physical therapist is on holiday and maybe you have an idea how to get this area unstuck as the upper back, upper body, and back/shoulder/neck/scapula area are very tight and I can almost feel the chain reaction of things pulling on each other. I’m also sitting a lot (computer work) and lots of traveling and try to be aware of posture and mobilize my body. But these days, due to this issue, my upper body and thoracic mobility, that per se is poor, are very limited. I try to mobilize my shoulders with specific LYT classes and roll the area between the shoulder blades with a ball, yet no improvement. Any suggestion how to get the range back? 
  • Is pain an indication of when we should stop doing something? My SI joint will sometimes hurt after going to the gym. 
  • How do you balance your work life and your exercise life? 


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