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584. The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Fitness with Investor & CEO Andy Jackson

Sep 23, 2022

Leading a healthy and fit lifestyle, isn’t just a way of thinking and living.  It can be a way of business and for serial entrepreneur, Andy Jackson, making it easier for kids and adults to lead a healthy and active lifestyle became his business obsession. From releasing VHS videos in the 90s, to today working with Elton John’s Rocket Sports, and heading his own curated wellness marketplace, Andy has set the tone for what it’s like to run a fitness business with a passion for movement and authenticity.


In this episode, Lara talks with Andy about his journey into entrepreneurship, what he’s learned about being a stellar salesman, and the lens in which he uses to discern brands today (HINT: efficacy and environmental impact are key). Listen in for inspirational stories from Andy on creating businesses out of a healthy and active lifestyle.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of human connection in business
  • How to lead with authenticity in all types of influence
  • How recycling is impacting the fitness industry



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