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574. Wednesday Q&A: Knee Pain from Cycling, LYT Love, & Dowager’s Hump

Aug 24, 2022


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In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about knee pain from cycling, LYT love, and dowager’s hump.


Your questions:

  • I took up cycling in February of this year and LOVED IT, so had cycled most days since then as I use it to commute across London to my classes. This was up until about a month ago when I started to experience tenderness in what I believe to be my quadriceps tendon. Initially, the pain wasn’t so bad and I noticed that my bike seat had slipped down slightly. So assuming this was the problem, I shifted it back into place and continued to cycle. However, following that, the pain suddenly worsened in my right knee and I’m now taking time away from the bike to let the tendon heal; at one point, I couldn’t bend the knee more than 90 degrees. It felt like a tight pressure right above the knee being squashed. The pain seems to be easing now, although definitely doesn’t feel linear. I’m working on strengthening the muscles around the knee, the glutes, the hip flexors, the hamstrings, and trying to work out why this happened. I know it could be my bike positioning, so that is something I’m going to take a look at once it feels safe to get back on the bike just to see how I’m riding. But I’m wondering if there are mechanics elsewhere in the chain that I should be looking at. I have pretty good ankle dorsiflexion and hip flexion, but maybe I’m lacking strength in one of these areas. Any help on how to rehab the knee as well as how to tell where the imbalance is coming from would be massively appreciated. 
  • LYT has changed my life. How do you all keep giving so much?
  • What are the best poses for dowagers hump?


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