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572. Wednesday Q&A: Hand Width in Down Dog, Splitting Classes Up, & Anatomy Knowledge

Aug 17, 2022


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about how wide to place your hands in down dog, splitting classes up, and anatomy knowledge.


Your questions:

  • I’m five-seven, but my arms are really long. I’m not kidding, from fingertip to fingertip I have a six-foot wingspan. When I’m in downward dog, it feels better for me to open my arms wider than shoulder-width apart by a few inches. Is this bad for my shoulders or is it okay to do? I saw Kristin in a recent class saying that she sometimes opens her arms wider in down dog to give her more space. But I don’t know if it that’s something that you can do just a little bit from time to time or is it okay to do all the time?
  • I love the classes that are longer on LYT Daily, but I sometimes don’t have time to do the whole thing in one go, so I’ll do 35 minutes or so in the morning and then pause and do the rest of the class in the evening. I know that there wouldn’t be as much of a warm-up for the second half, but are there any reasons not to do this? And do I still get the benefit of the full class if I split it up into two parts? 
  • How did you learn and retain so much knowledge about the human body?


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