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57 | What Is The Deal With The Moon?

Mar 13, 2019

Today’s topic is all about the moon! In terms of movement, the moon is such a great example of movement and change. The moon is shifting, and it allows us to track our days by each shift that it makes in its alignment. I thought that today would be a great opportunity to speak about the beautiful movement of the moon and her phases, and what we can take away from it all.


The moon’s phases are a reflection of how much of the surface is being illuminated by the sun. Many of us are aware of the different phases of the moon, but not a lot know what these phases mean energetically.


The new moon is the time where the moon is completely dark, and this is energetically a time of rebirth and starting over. Many people set intentions, write out goals, and start projects around this phase.


The waxing crescent moon phase is next, which indicates forward and aspiring motion. At this time, people begin to identify more where they need to focus in their new goals and intentions.


The first quarter phase, or half moon, is a symbolic time of both rooting down and expanding. I like to remember one of my favorite yoga poses, half moon, here because it holds similar energetic meaning.


In the waxing gibbous moon phase, we are able to really see and feel our intentions comes to fruition. This is a great time to journal about attaining what you want, and going out to get it.


Now we reach the full moon, where the earth, moon, and sun are aligned. This is a great time to transform and welcome in abundance. After this phase, the moon begins to diminish, which is why people recommend to energetically release things that are no longer of service to you.


The waning gibbous is known to bring energy for better communications and revelations.


After this, we reach another half moon phase, but this time it is decreasing in its illumination. This is a time where we begin to reflect on what the full moon phase brought us, and reevaluate for the future.



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