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561. Wednesday Q&A: Painful Handstands, Shin Splints, & Scoliosis

Jul 13, 2022


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about remedies for pain from practicing handstands, how to heal and prevent shin splints, & how to manage scoliosis in your movement practices..


Your questions:

  • I’m quite frustrated every time I’m making progress with handstand practice, I’m getting problems and pain in my body that stops me from practicing. It started with tennis elbow where I eventually, after two years of physiotherapy and various other treatments, had to have surgery. This was my right elbow. Now I have tremendous pain on my left side, upper back, shoulder, arm, and hand. Sometimes during the night, I get numbness in my little finger. It seems to be in constant tension and in spasms, twitching the muscles. I love doing handstands and don’t want to stop practicing. Is there any advice on what I might be doing wrong?
  • Any tips for healing shin splints?
  • I have a regular student, previously very active joining my class, a mixed-level class where I do advanced beginner/intermediate level. This is before COVID. Now we are back to a physical, in-person class, and when she started, she felt uncomfortable. The reason being that she has scoliosis and stiffness around her sternum and back. Sometimes costochondritis. She would go running when she’s not joining my class. Then she would tell me she felt painful stiff discomfort the next day when it was the day for my class. Hence she was not able to come join. So her pain would occur after running. I tried doing lower-intensity classes when she was around and she felt good and relieved after the session, so I knew that she needed to start slowly to build up the core strength again. Can you take a look at her x-ray and see if it’s anything severe that she needs to refrain from doing like other activities, running, or what type of class should I do more for her? Her physio is telling her to stop exercising for a few days. From what I see, it’s very mild scoliosis. I’m not sure what has been bothering her and causing all the stiffness and tightness. We do all kinds of LYT blueprints and sequences in class, which I don’t think is too much for her.


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