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56 | Focus

Mar 11, 2019

Today’s episode is all about focus! We hear this word, focus, often as it is an important idea and practice. Focus itself is the fundamental key for productivity. Today I’m sharing what focus means to me, and why it’s so important in life and in our movement practice.


The ability to focus is the key to getting things done because it allows lock into one focal point without being distracted by other things around it. We live in a time where we believe that multitasking is possible, when it actually is not.


How do we direct our energy?


Write out your goals and priorities. Now really narrow in on the most important ones out of your list. This will help you realize where your focus needs to be, and help you narrow it down.


How do we eliminate our distractions?


Pick the time of day that you know you focus best. Now think of the things that distract you, our phones are BIG distractions. Be sure that environment in which you need to be focused is cleared of excess distractions as well.


When practicing movement, it’s important to focus on your gaze; where are you looking? It’s also important to focus on your core, as this not only draws you in, but it also helps in releasing other distractions that your mind may create. Focusing on your breath by creating a rhythm to cultivate a deeper connection to the movement you are doing.


Don’t worry, be happy.


When we can be more focused, it will make us feel more content and happy. Focus isn’t just an idea for better business, it’s also to ensure that we are living our best life. By focusing on what truly matters, we will find more joy and quality in our lives.



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