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557. Discover Your Soul’s Purpose with Heather Ivany

Jul 1, 2022

Heather Ivany is an internationally-known Akashic record teacher and a renowned yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience. In this episode, Lara dives into a fascinating conversation with Heather about her skills as an Akashic record teacher and what doing an Akashic reading entails. This expertise allows Heather to support people in understanding their soul’s purpose in this lifetime. She also advises people on how to best work with their gifts to allow them to fulfill this purpose. Learn more about Heather’s offerings and how you can work with her both online and in person. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What are the Akashic records? 
  • What does a typical reading look like and what is its purpose?
  • What are clairabilities and which might you have?


Connect with Heather Ivany:

Instagram Heather Ivany – https://www.instagram.com/heather_ivany/

Facebook Heather Ivany – https://www.facebook.com/heatherivanyyoga

Website – https://www.heatherivany.com/

Connect with LYT Yoga and Lara Heimann:

Instagram Lara Heimann – https://www.instagram.com/lara.heimann/ 

Instagram LYT Yoga – https://www.instagram.com/lytyogamethod/

Facebook LYT Yoga – https://www.facebook.com/lytyogamethod 



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