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52 | Breaking Through The Turbulence To Create Better Habits

Mar 1, 2019

Today’s episode is all about breaking through, and I feel like this is a real metaphor for a lot of things, but mainly habit formation. I like to think of habits like turbulence in an airplane– you know it’s coming, you can feel it, it’s uncomfortable, but then you break through and there’s no more turbulence, it’s all ease. Habits themselves don’t go away, even though they can be overridden with new patterns, but they are a challenge to neurologically code over.


What is a habit?


They are something that we do, and they emerge because our brain is always looking for ways to preserve effort. Think of some of the habits you have that are useful, and the habits you have that you’d like to code over or breath free from.


Why are habits so hard to break?


We already have created so many habits to default to that it neurologically makes it difficult to “stop” a habit. Instead of focusing on that, I suggest finding ways to override the habits you already have. It won’t be easy, but it is worth it.


How can you breakthrough a habit?


Research is showing that creating new routines can over-power old routines. I recommend being gentle with yourself. Pick something that you want to improve upon, or completely change, and find something that will override that feeling that the pre-existing habit gives you.



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