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510. Leaving Pain in the Past: An Alternative to Talk Therapy with Rachelle McCloud

Feb 11, 2022

Rachelle McCloud wants us to leave our pain in the past. Talk therapy is valid and has a lot to offer, but so much of it is about thoughts, stories, and reliving old chapters of our lives to find out why things happened. Rachelle McCloud has a new approach, which is to bypass all that. She wants to take us straight to the root cause so that we can find a solution. 

She has some amazing insights into how our bodies process (or don’t process, as is often the case) trauma and pain. Sometimes, we might not have processed something mentally, but it’s still stored in our muscles and our physical self. Rachelle’s mission is to find where and when we’re doing this so that we can finally move past it.

We talk about this, as well as more on two of my favorite topics: how the brain works and how we think. It all ties into our mental and physical health so there’s so much to learn here.



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