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502. Decoding Lower Back Pain

Jan 24, 2022

Lower back pain is the problem I’m asked about the most. Something like 60-70% of people have it – and some people deal with it chronically. It’s easy to feel like it’s something beyond your control. Many people give up and accept it as part of aging. But, you can do something. In fact, in many cases, you can cure it altogether.

Thanks to new work-from-home conditions and our increased time spent on phones and computers, this is a bigger problem now than it’s ever been before. Even if you don’t suffer from back pain today, that’s all the reason to make sure your posture isn’t going to cause it to flare up later in life! 

Listen to this episode for the science of back pain, and a simple exercise that can help you assess how you hold yourself and make changes for the better.



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