Friday with Friends

501. A New Kind of Gut Feeling with Steve Wiltshire

Jan 21, 2022

In today’s Friday with Friends, I spend some quality time with Steve Wiltshire to hear the remarkable story of how he cured his autoimmune disease through mindfulness and wellness. 

Steve has made health, fitness and mindset his priority for three decades! He was diagnosed shortly being crowned Mr. Oregon at a bodybuilding competition. It originated from a serious gut complication and almost ruined his health. After trying conventional treatments, he took things into his own hands, and, eighteen months later, he was cured. 

Using the philosophy and wellness practices he learned at the Hypocrites Institute in Southern Florida, he put his life back on track. He’s since developed a process that has led to him assisting thousands of people in reclaiming their own health and power. 

He’s now a keynote speaker and author who educates on the topic of our gut. As he says, the gut is the engine that drives the body, and he believes that so much of our health comes straight from how we treat it.

How can we make sure our guts are healthy? He started his Body Temple Health and Wellness platform to share just such information. Let’s hear what he has to say.



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