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50 | Clarity in Cues and Conversation

Feb 25, 2019

We hear it all the time, communication is key! In today’s episode I’m talking about communication and cueing, more specific to yoga teachers, but could absolutely benefit anyone using communication in their profession. When it comes to cueing, a more abbreviated form of communication, it’s really important how you do this because you are trying to get a lot of information across quickly.


Not everyone has been taught or raised with proper communication, leaving it to be a learned skill. Communication is fundamental, especially when teaching others.


Yoga teachers:


Be yourself! Communicate from your own languaging, heart, and inspiration. It’s easy to tell when you are communicating from an inauthentic place, and that’s not what we want to portray.


Write down what the movement practice feels like for you, what it has given you, and what you feel like when you’re connected to it. This will give you a baseline from which your communication can flow.


When teaching and using cues, be more direct and clear on what you are trying to say. It doesn’t need to be emergent, but it has to be heard so that those listening know exactly what you want, and feel safe as knowing where they are going next.



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