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492. Using Daily Rituals To Take Your Yoga Practice Deeper with Kori Hahn

Dec 31, 2021

When Kori Hahn was twenty, she packed up everything she owned – which wasn’t much – and drove nonstop for seven days, ending up in Alaska. She lived off-grid and made her own way through life, which gave her a lifelong taste for living mindfully and slowing down. 

From there, she began to travel extensively, leading her to Sri Lanka as of this conversation. Her exciting journey of passion and spontaneity, like a flower petal blowing in the wind, is one that can inspire us all.

Kori wanted to prove to the yogis of the world the importance of intuition. Rooted in that driving idea, she dove into the pursuit of writing a book, Rituals of the Soul. Through that process, she learned to redefine, for herself, what yoga is, and what it means to her.

She joins the podcast to share how you can use the eight principles of yoga to live a more balanced, meaningful life while cultivating a deeper connection to purpose.






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