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49 | Posture As The ‘Gait’way To Happiness

Feb 22, 2019

In today’s solo episode, I am discussing the idea of using posture as the gaitway to walking tall, both literally and figuratively. How we hold ourselves, our posture, really does influence the way we walk, how we feel, and the perception that we put out into the world.


Our posture is indeed a gateway to better living.


When we walk, not many of us are thinking of how we are walking– sure, maybe you’re thinking of the speed, or the surface being walked on, but the turnover of one foot to the other or the shifting of weight usually isn’t being thought about. How you stand is more often than not translated to how you walk.



The idea that your head is centered over your shoulders and pelvis.


Go against the wall so that the sacrum is up against the wall, the scapula is up against the wall, and the back of the skull is up against the wall; that is your optimal resting posture where all the curvatures, the natural curvatures of the spine, are in place. When you take this into movement, you are practicing weight shifting from one foot to the other.



When you walk, take a step forward with your left foot. Land the heel down and as you start to shift from heel to forefoot, shift the weight of your shoulders and pelvis over the ankle. You’ll notice that your hips will be over or beyond your left ankle, and then you’ll push with the right glute a little. Once full on the left foot, the right leg will swing forward naturally, shifting your hip over the ankle which allows the left hip to come to an extension. Squeeze your left glute firmly, and then allow the left foot to swing forward.



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