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480. How to Embody Your Emotions Through Movement with Kibby McMahon

Dec 3, 2021

Katherine “Kibby” McMahon is a postdoctoral associate at Duke University. She recently completed her PhD there and her predoctoral clinical psychology internship at Weill Cornell/NY Presbyterian Hospital. She’s interested in the science and practice of treating emotional and relational difficulties. In her clinical work, she treats adults with individual psychotherapy and leads group workshops on mindfulness and social-emotional skills. 

Her goal is to marry contemplative mindfulness practices and clinical psychology. After dealing with anxiety, depression, and addiction in her own life, she took yoga in college as a form of exercise and found it to be a great practice for challenging the body and mind and learning to sit with your emotions.

We discuss learning to embody your emotions and get out of your head, how adults can learn to emotionally regulate, and changing behaviors for the better.





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