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478. How to Help Your Nervous System Through Yoga Nidra

Nov 29, 2021

Yoga nidra is one of my favourite ways to relieve anxiety and stress. It’s so simple, but relatively unknown, tune in to hear how you can add it to your own practice.

The benefits of yoga nidra can be amazing, so long as you’re able to bring it into your schedule, find consistency, and make it work for you. Doing so can help with everything from your general wellbeing, to quality of sleep, even your ability to fall asleep in the first place, as it helps tune your body’s sleep cycle.

It’s restorative and relaxing, while avoiding the grogginess we often experience after a nap. More so than other practices, yoga nidra is best experienced under the guidance of an expert. The internet is flush with content, voices, and perspectives – find the one that speaks to you and unlocks your subconsciousness. 



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